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SÍLVIA BRUM (Porto Alegre/ Brazil, 1967)

Graduated with a degree in Architecture and Urbanism through UniRitter, Porto Alegre. Completed a painting workshop through Atelier Livre at Porto Alegre City Hall.

The artist held various solo and group exhibitions, such as Luz & Sombra, at the Art house Regina Simonis, in Santa Cruz do Sul/Brazil (2019), MIMETISMOS, at the Gravura Art Gallery, Porto Alegre/Brazil (2018), Silvia Brum, at the Centro de Integracao do Mercosul, Pelotas/Brazil (2003).


She participated in group exhibitions such as Ausências na História, Centro Cultural Correios, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil (2023), Fora das Sombras, MON (Oscar Niemeyer Museum), Curitiba/Brazil (2022), Artistas Gaúchos na Fundação Iberê - Participantes do Leilão 2020, at the Iberê Foundation, Porto Alegre/Brazil (2021), Art South Brazil in Miami, at the Art Design Gallery, Miami/USA (2019).

She has artistic works in private collections as well as in the MARGS collection- Museum of Art in Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre/Brazil.

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Silvia lives in the city of Porto Alegre/Brazil, where she dedicates herself to contemporary figurative painting in oil on canvas, combined with other painting techniques.

The artist's aim is not to create a painting of photographic accuracy, but rather to use realism as a tool to bring the characters' eyes to life, the focal point of her work, and, through brushstrokes, convey the complexity and emotional charge that may create a connection with the viewer.

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